Blues Planet


With You by My Side

In blues dancing, we spend a lot of our time dancing face to face. But it’s also sweet to have a partner right by your side! We’ll take a simple position change and layer in a few new dimensions to give you some sweet new moves – and the know-how to keep creating more.

Chicago Blues

Ask someone what blue music is, and they’re likely to hum a famous Chicago blues riff: da-NA-na-na-NA pum-pum pum-pum. In this class we’ll start with the foundations for moving to Chicago Blues music: pulse, posture, timing, tone, and connection. But Chicago Blues is all about groovin’, so we’ll spice things up with hip action, upper body movement, turns, and rhythm variation as well.


Freezing, Melting, and Other Dynamic Changes

The music we dance to today is layered and variable. Shouldn’t our dancing be equally interesting? In this class, technique and musicality are at the forefront. We’ll play with dynamic accelerations, slow melts, and freezes.

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